About me

I just found that my Orkut about me is like totally unnecessary, so i Created this blog, i mean its kinda useless but anyway, here it is.. and yes my actual blog remains anonymous :p haha :D weehoo!!

Reading this is a sheer waste of time, well if you are as jobless as me you can read this then, anyway, I am not a good correspondent nor am I a good conversationalist You would do better trying something like Wikipedia!!

Folks seriously you can skip reading from this point

*but since u have taken the trouble...

yadda yadda yadda

Let me start with some random factoids..

*I'm tanzy, Yea d black haired U-G-L-Y (in capitals) girl you see, nineteen
UPDATE: twenty now , and current circumstances apart, my life is vigorously stellar (but current circumstances always gives me currents and something or d other always goes wrong)

*I always like extreme Opposite points, like I love camping on a hill top/ jungle/ baah and I love a luxurious suite at the same time :D

*I am weird and an exemplary Aquarian.

*Lets face it I am a slouch!!

*So not an attitude freak

*I never learn to curb my tongue

*I can’t stop my mental doodling and sharpen my mind, I end up being peripatetic

*Like I said I have a wavering mind I lack equilibrium, and whenever I am in an ice cream parlor my mind always find it hard to choose between ice-cream #1 en ice-cream #2, and as soon as I buy any one of them I repent not taking d other one.

*I aint a –ve person, I believe in being +ve, even my blood group is B+ (see it also tells me to be positive) but dunno

*A jobless, useless, scumbag.

*Sometimes I get looks as if I am some dolt.

*I treat things with levity, and I like funny things, and funny people.

*Back in late 1990’s or early 1991: d first fallacy I learned that moon is GOD.

*I have a very inquisitive nature, well can say m a very nose-around sorta person, not with every one, but still

*I hate lectures where, i'l have to keep nodding, and then I start feeling like I am one ov those bobble-head dolls people put in cars *sigh*

*From a recent survey I’v statistically found that fidelity is a myth.

*People may think that I am stern, Ahh well ..

*Oh yeah...I have 4 teeth in place of 2 front teeth and I’m not going to get any dental thingy done to tem(as they have been with me through thick n thin)

*sum random truism i like - d gift ov memory is an awful curse, with age it gets worse, but i wont mind, i wont mind

*Curt Cobain -
i found it hard, its hard to find, oh, well, whatever, nevermind.

*so me's me and if you don’t like me for me..then don’t like me for me..and all you are gonna get is me !!

*I get bored easily

*I can’t keep in touch with my friends

*I also don’t care if you think there are a loads of 'I' s and "ME" s here because this is ABOUT ME!!!

*This one specially for people who copy my stuff >>> get on your way and get sum class

P.S : you can bribe me with a chocolate bar

*I bet you wont ever undestand me :D :p

I am not here to entertain strangers, SO STRANGERS STAY AWAY!!

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